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Industry Add-On Solutions

Winspire Solutions International Trading & Distribution Industry Add-On Solution on NAV

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Trade Finance:

  • Managing Letter of credit
  • Trust receipts
  • Bill discounting / Bill of exchange
  • Maintaining bank limits (funded and non-funded) and bank charges matrix with automatic accrual
  • Various applications to bank like LC application, TR application, TT instruction etc.
  • Factoring
  • Tenure management of various facilities
  • Bank guarantee management


Sales & Marketing:

  • Credit management workflow
  • Sales schemes and claims
  • Sales price list management
  • Sales price and authorization workflow
  • Sales return workflow
  • Demo units management
  • Back to back sales order management
  • Consignment sales order management


Credit Management Module

  • Auto Alert to Credit in charge and sales person for overdue accounts / cheque dishonored cases
  • Floating enquiries (Auto Email) on multiple selected distributors / vendors and getting their quotations
  • Sophisticated credit management authorization workflow with strong controls. Facility to define customer wise or customer category wise / product group wise credit limit / terms.
  • Automatic credit hold in case of limit crossing or overdue or cheque not received in time.


Cheque / Post Dated Cheque (PDC) Management

  • Facility to capture all the Cheque / PDCs received (including blank unfilled cheques) and specify the invoices against which the Cheque / PDCs to be adjusted with corresponding amounts.
  • Facility to automatically print bank pay in slip on due date and post the collections to A/R.
  • Facility to view A/R Balance / transaction wise details including un deposited PDCs.
  • Facility to capture requests to postpone Cheque / PDCs depositing date and effect the same.


Imports Management

  • Module is designed for improved imports shipment tracking of Bill of Entry and correct costing with freight, customs duty, clearing and insurance etc. charges.
  • Rate contracts can be maintained with the forwarders and clearing agents.
  • The module calculates the CIF value, customs duty, provisional freight, clearing charges and loads the required costs on inventory.
  • System calculated provisional freight; clearing charges can be loaded at the time of receipt of goods if actual bills not available and be corrected later with the actual bills in hand.
  • This provides near accurate costing of imported goods from the very first day.


Marketing / Incentive Scheme Management

  • Facilities to define Vendor / Distributor schemes include rebate schemes and facility to generate a report at the end of the period.
  • Facility to process price protections.
  • Facility to define schemes for customers, print report at the end of the scheme giving details of customers who have qualified and the scheme incentive payable to each customer.
  • Facility to automatically pass incentive entries in the books (including A/R).
  • The scheme can be defined on selected products and can have quantity, value or points target with multiple slabs and slab wise incentive formulas.
  • Facility to specify different categories of claims and manage the process of claims raising and money receipt against the claims on distributors / vendors.