Delivery Management Add-on

Delivery Management Add-on

What is Delivery Management Add-on?

In Business central, logistics users can combine multiple deliveries for picking and delivering. However, it does not address the need of many companies to 

  • schedule deliveries on different days for certain routes.
  • plan and change load of the vehicles for optimizing efficiency.
  • accommodate last minute orders/changes and such other delivery related complexities.

Winspire’s Delivery Management add-on address these logistics and delivery related gaps. It also allows adding e-signature and delivery photos as proof of delivery using mobile apps. This makes it a complete solution for companies that manage their own deliveries.

Why Delivery Management Add-on?

Companies managing their own logistics and deliveries need the last mile delivery management in their system. This add-on includes the entire cycle from planning for delivery on daily basis all the way to getting the proof of delivery in electronic format. Sales orders are combined by the system based on delivery date and route. This list is used by the logistics and warehouse users to plan both picking and delivery. Shipment and invoice is posted after picking is confirmed and vehicle is ready to leave. Any last minute changes are allowed until the shipment is posted. The picker’s and driver’s mobile app shows the list of deliveries to be served by them. The driver can take signature from customer on the mobile App and also take pictures of the delivery. Goods and container (pallets, barrels etc) returns are managed via the drivers app. This allows companies to maintain accurate picking and delivery even if additional order cut-off time is given to their customers. 

Key features of this add-on are

  • Define routes based on area, postal codes, truck no, shipping partner etc.
  • Define delivery schedule days by customer – daily, once a week or any other schedule. 
  • Auto calculation of delivery date based on schedule and calendar. Date can be changed with approval.
  • Planners can see the load for a few days in advance by date, type of pack, no of packs, weight. The date or route can be changed for specific deliveries if required.
  • Pick note upon plan confirmation. Pickers can be assigned and they can use mobile app to update.
  • Delivery lines can be changed until pick up is confirmed allowing practical flexibility.
  • Create loading sheet, delivery manifest per vehicle / shipping agent.
  • Drivers app allows taking of signature and pictures upon delivery. Exchange/returns can be managed via the same app.

Get in touch with us to know more. 

We will be happy to show you a demo of the add-on and how it makes it easy for the companies to manage their deliveries.