Microsoft SharePoint

What is SharePoint?

In today’s times when employees work from home and from multi-locations, it becomes imperative for everyone to have access to business intelligence and critical business documents. With Microsoft SharePoint, authorized personnel can view, edit and share documents anytime, anywhere. It is like having your own intranet with the added benefit of being able to access it from any part of the world. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser!


  • Co-workers can share and update files in real time.
  • Only one person can make edits at a time, preventing duplicate work.
  • The version control feature tracks every edit, with the time and person responsible for it.
  • Saves time and resources required to keep exchanging the edited documents via email.

Data Management

  • SharePoint Online integrates with Microsoft Office Suite ie. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Dynamics CRM, Unified Communications, Exchange Server.
  • Employees can take control of the required information without having to spend extra time and effort to look for it.
  • Easy access to different projects by different teams and to information of any format and size.
SharePoint - Data Management

Data Security

  • Allows security settings that comply with specific compliance regulations.
  • Allows setting of storage and auditing policies to maintain critical information in an effective manner.
  • Allows setting of permissions for documents, folders, sites, web applications.
  • Keep data synchronized across applications.

Business Functions

  • Allows automation of worflows such as document approval, feedback collection, signature collection, task tracking, document routing.
  • Employees can integrate workflows with email programs, client applications and web browsers for consistent user experience.


  • You can organize each SharePoint site to include required folders and subfolders thus allowing quick location of documents and decision making.

Content Delivery

  • Users can create and submit content for approval in seconds.
  • For a multi-lingual company documents with translations can be created with ease.


  • While the functionality of SharePoint is robust, you can easily build custom applications to connect with SharePoint.
  • You can even add your company logo to SharePoint.


  • SharePoint comes equipped with a central administration console that makes adjusting the configuration easy irrespective of the size of your organization.
  • The console allows you to access, monitor and update SharePoint upgrades, Security settings, Backups and restorations, System settings.

No Coding

  • With SharePoint, you can build advanced solutions to meet your customers’ requirements without having to do any coding.
  • SharePoint allows you to build a website from scratch, update your existing one, or create a specialized online tool for your team members.

Information Access

  • SharePoint allows the creation of organizational charts based on unique skill sets and job responsibilities of all employees, thus making it easy to locate an individual, especially in a large, multi-location organization.
  • You can even go into the details to find out the roles and availability of an individual.