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Trade Promotions Add-on

Trade Promotions Add-on

What is Trade Promotions Add-on?

Business central by itself provides various options for pricing and discounts. However, many businesses, such as those in distribution, may require advanced pricing features. Winspire’s Trade Promotions Add-on solution takes care of this gap for advanced pricing, promotions and vendor claims for the promotions. It works seamlessly with Business Central for approvals, sales as well as for vendor debit notes for promotion claims.

Why Trade Promotions Add-on?

Companies in FMCG, Food and beverage, IT products etc use many types of promotions and bundle offers. For the manufacturers, most of these promotions are an expense from accounting perspective and driven by the sales channel partners from execution perspective. For the distributors, many of the promotions are claimable from the vendor, hence may not be direct expenses. There is a significant manual work involved in managing the promotions, ensuring they are given to eligible customers during applicable date and volume, claiming back if the promotion is sponsored by another party etc. Winspire’s Trade Promotions add-on automates this process to a large extent with these features:

  • Define various type of popular promotions including bundles, multi-buy discounts etc.
  • Restrict validity – period, approval of promo, eligible customers and volume, number of times applicable etc. 
  • Automate application of promotions in sales quote, sales order based on eligibility.
  • Maintain ledger for promotions for reporting and vendor claim purposes.
  • Impact item / item group profitability based on various promotions.
  • Provide visibility on multiple promotions applicable for a single customer / item for better decision making.