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What is HRMS PAYROLL Add-on?

Winspire Payroll helps organization achieve unprecedented level of efficiency & productivity and offer the tools & services to stay competitive. It facilitates the organization to focus on its core business. Business leaders realize that employees are the organization’s core foundation and right processes need to be in place for them to function effectively with higher satisfaction levels.

Winspire HR/Payroll Solution allows to successfully track, manage & control the most valuable asset of the organization i.e. Employee. Regardless of the organization size, the daily management of human resources, payroll, benefits administration & other continuously changing HR needs can be challenging as well.


  • Winspire HR/Payroll streamlines the entire HR lifecycle: Recruitment – Training – Employee Payroll  Travel & Claim e-Learning.
  • Tightly integrating the organization’s Human Resources, Payroll, Training & Appraisal functions, our solution provides comprehensive administrative & workflow capabilities, as well as employee empowerment via employee & manager self-service. Consolidating these processes into one system allows the organization to proactively manage HR operations & improve efficiency.
  • All these effective human resource management practices have given companies new ways to create competitive advantage in their markets.
  • Winspire’s HRMS PAYROLL add-on automates the process to a large extent with these features:

HRMS Features :

  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management ( Leave Application/ Leave Cancellation)
  • Recruitment Posting
  • Resume Database
  • Resume selection and Interview
  • Joining formalities
  • Basic Performance appraisal
  • Training management
  • Asset Management
  • Tour Intimation
  • Travel booking

PAYROLL Features :

  • Employee Management
  • Monthly pay process
  • Attendance and leave management
  • Loan Management
  • Annual Pay process ( Bonus , increment )
  • Final settlement Process
  • Income Tax planning
  • Seasonal pay process

HRMS PAYROLL Add-on Screen Images

HRMS PAYROLL Add-on Screen Images 01
HRMS PAYROLL Add-on Screen Images 02