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What is Microsoft Teams?

In a landscape where more and more organizations rely on remote workforces, Microsoft Teams goes beyond just chats and calls.

Teams is a digital hub that can simplify the way workforces collaborate – enabling connection where people work and when they work. Co-author files, host meetings and events, or use integrated organization tools that help keep your team connected and your work secure. 

Flexible remote workspaces

  • Host immersive, dynamic meeting experiences or virtual events.
  • Seamlessly co-author and share files.
  • Engage with persistent in-channel discussions across channels.
  • Streamline workflows by integrating productivity apps.
  • Record meetings and provide transcripts.

Built-in protection

  • Help protect users from malicious software.
  • Regulate access based on risk level.
  • Help manage undesired disruptions during meetings.
  • Designed with built-in compliance controls.

Inclusive, made for everyone

  • Help ensure accessibility with AI enabled captions.
  • Simulate in-office discussions. 
  • Automate workflows with low code tools.
  • Employ instant translation to overcome language barriers.

Productivity and remote work

  • Save on expenses including real estate, utilities, travel and entertainment through secure remote work and with online meetings and events
  • Save time and money with improved business processes like digitizing paper workstreams and automating manual processes
  • Customize your workspace with Microsoft Teams, an extensible platform, that enables building low- code apps with Power Apps and integrates third-party apps